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“We are hopeful that rain will come, but in the meantime we can access water from the Burdekin Dam,” he said.

Mr Moorhead said the pipeline and pumps have been tested and serviced and are ready to deliver up to 130ML of bulk water a day.

The pipeline was established in 1988 to provide a back-up to supplies in times of drought.

The Ross River Dam has a catchment area of 750kms and a current capacity of 233,187ML.

He was then appointed as Director of a saltmarsh ecology program with the University of Georgia where he drew connections to Reef ecology.

“Level 3 restrictions will need to remain in place though.” Mr Moorhead said the volume of water pumped to the dam will vary depending on evaporation and rain.

Council has budgeted more than million to cover the cost of pumping water from the Burdekin until the end of the financial year.

Mr Moorhead asked residents to remain waterwise to ensure the city stuck to its water consumption target of 100ML a day.

This led to him to managing projects at One Tree Island and later at Lizard Island.

Dr Kinsey completed a Doctorate of Oceanography, studying effluent sediment and reef degradation based in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

Details of water restrictions are available on the council’s website link Debbie Denison With the date of the up coming State Election finally announced the MCN sought comment from various associations on the island for their wish list. Cameron Turnbull said “ We would like to congratulate the State Government for the funding to complete the walkway/ footpath on Sooning Street and also the new toilet block which is under construction in Horseshoe Bay.