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Support is especially important when people are being asked to change their behavior.

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People don’t respect know-it-alls, especially when they know that the know-it-all doesn’t know it all. Admitting mistakes and being open to accepting new ideas and new learning communicates that you are willing to grow. You can avoid excessive pride only if you recognize that you’re human and need the help of others, and that’s another important reason for leaders being great learners.We’ve found in our research on coaching that the factor most related to coaching effectiveness is the quality of the relationship between performer and coach.And of all the items used to measure coaching behavior, the one most linked to success is: “This person embodies character qualities and values that I admire.” (There’s that credibility Many organizations have an honest desire to develop more and better leaders.In our work at International Leadership Associates (ILA), we’ve come to identify four common flaws that most frequently derail these leadership development efforts.

Although none will come as a complete surprise to many of our colleagues in the field, there are some key lessons we’ve learned.It’s a situation that can be challenging for a new executive leader.

It helps you enjoy having connections with people all over the world that share the same interests as you.… continue reading »

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Our example résumé already uses bolds and italics to highlight important information such as names and job titles. The headings for the major sections, however, don’t stick out enough.… continue reading »

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