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• Referring to the same company, determine the best source of equity capital available to the company you selected. Week 7 DQ 1 Sources of Debt Financing Please respond to the following: • Briefly describe a small business you could envision yourself owning and discuss the most appropriate source of debt capital for that business. • From the e-Activity, discuss how you could best use an SBA loan to get your business running or expanding.

Week 7 DQ 2 Location, Layout, and Physical Facilities Please respond to the following: • Using the same small business you described in the first discussion, determine the best possible location for your business within driving distance of where you now live. • Discuss the layout and design configuration of a building you would like to use to house your business, including how you would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

• From the video, determine if Barcelona Restaurant Group management’s approach to conflict in the workplace would work at your current (or expected) place of work. Week 8 DQ 1 “Jobs and the Design of Work” Please respond to the following: • Redesign your current job (or design your desired job) using one of the traditional approaches to job design discussed in Chapter 14.

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• Determine how the size, technology, and mission of your organization impacts organizational design and structure, as well as how these characteristics directly affect you.Week 6 DQ 1 Pricing and Globalization Strategies Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, discuss the best possible pricing strategy based on whether the company you selected is a retailer, manufacturer, or service firm. • Discuss the best possible way the company you selected could expand its market globally.Week 6 DQ 2 Globalization and Sources of Equity Financing Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, discuss how the company you selected might benefit from selling new customers on e-Bay (as opposed to building and maintaining its own Website).Week 8 DQ 1 Supply Chain Management Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, determine which best practices can be applied to the greatest number of small businesses. • Analyze the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma in regard to quality control of a product or service, and make at least one recommendation for improvement. Week 8 DQ 2 Managing Inventory • Describe a retail business with which you are familiar and determine the most suitable means of inventory control.

• For the same business, discuss what innovative steps you could take to deter employee theft and/or shoplifting.• Referring to the same small business, determine the most appropriate way for that business to minimize its exposure to risk. Week 10 DQ 1 Ethics and Social Responsibility Please respond to the following: • Select a small business with which you are familiar and develop a plan of action for encouraging ethical behavior.

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