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26-Sep-2017 22:26

These workers answer to Terry Gou, an authoritarian figure whose contracts with Apple have helped make him, like his partner Jobs, one of the richest men in the world with a fortune estimated at £5.5billion.

A workaholic, disciplinarian and perfectionist, Gou, 60, adopted a strict management style, inspired by his days in the private Taipei College of Maritime Technology followed by two years in the Taiwanese army.

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From those humble, supposedly spiritual beginnings, he is now a business behemoth, eclipsing Bill Gates at Microsoft as the most powerful man in computing.When Apple boss Steve Jobs unveiled his latest creation this week, the event was given quasi-religious significance.At a ceremony in San Francisco, more than 5,000 supplicants paid homage to a man hailed by some as a visionary.Apple's income currently approaches £10billion a year.

'I wish him [Bill Gates] the best, I really do,' Jobs once smirked. He'd be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.' Yet, amid all the fanfare and celebrations this week, there was one sour, niggling note: reports of a spate of suicides at a secretive Chinese complex where Jobs's i Phone, i Pod and i Pad - Apple's new state-of-the-art slimline computer - are built and assembled.

Anyone appearing mentally ill or stressed is being identified by a special 'spotters' team set up to keep tabs on the workforce.