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Thank you, Katie, for such an amazing experience." --Nate Klemp, Ph D, Co-Founder of LIFE XT, Co-Author of Start Here: Mastering the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing “I have done a lot of work on conflict resolution with young Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo and on conflict resolution in general, on resilience empowerment with teachers, parents, and vulnerable groups.Before I came to the School, I knew it was going to be a very valuable experience and that I would benefit from it, as would all the people I work with, but I had no idea…Each day during the School you may find yourself feeling freer and happier than the day before. You may find yourself eager to get up in the morning so that you won't miss a moment of this unfolding adventure.Many participants consider these nine days to be the most important days they have ever spent.Insights and realizations continue long after the School has ended, and for many people these insights are permanent.People report that they experience life in a profoundly different way, that for the first time they recognize that the universe is friendly, and that they feel a genuine commitment to doing The Work as a daily practice.I went into the retreat feeling some pretty intense stress.I left feeling a sense of freedom, seeing that my mind was creating all sorts of drama that could be released through The Work.

I may not notice that I am swimming upstream, but decision-making feels like heavy lifting. In this space with others, I take the time to focus on what it is I am thinking.

"On the first evening of the School, I often ask the participants what they want to take home from the School.