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09-Feb-2018 19:10

That, they say, wouldn't be technically feasible because of Skype's P2P architecture and encryption methods.

In other words, any recording of a theoretically intercepted conversation would be meaningless noise.

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Skype reps stress that the Skype platform is based on direct peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture, so there is no "middle man" to record conversations between two callers.

Apple finally released i OS 11 yesterday and with the new update came the ability to allow i Phone users to screen record.

Of course with this new update many avid social media users want to know can someone see if you screen record a Snapchat chat on i Phone with the new i OS 11 update?

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In 2012, though, Skype -- owned by Microsoft -- made an update to how it routes calls between users by incorporating the use of company-owned "supernodes." These are computers that help relay the flow of data on Skype and help users make connections.