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Men’s looks, in contrast, provide a more muted stimulation of women’s desire — less visceral and more aesthetic compared to the hungering stimulation female beauty causes men to feel — and this stimulation of female desire tends to manifest in two ways. Women can be drawn to men’s looks upon first sight, just as men are by women’s looks, but unlike men, women can (and will) nearly instantly lose the thrall they feel in the presence of a good-looking man should his behavior and conversation come across as unattractively beta.Betaness can kill the advantage of good looks dead.They simply became part of who he was and went completely unnoticed. Looks may slow down those initial reactions, but if you move beyond that and maintain a confident frame, they will not hinder you much. A man’s physical flaws are like disappearing ink — exposure to a woman’s love, or even her interest, will cause them to fade away.And here is some real world experimental evidence that manly confidence influences women’s perceptions.

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