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23-Jul-2017 16:21

A variety of body parts 'pickled' in jars and a disturbing photo that seemed to show a severed, cooked human head being served with oranges on a platter were also discovered in the couple's residence.

After the couple was taken into custody, they allegedly confessed to the murder and cannibalization of at least 30 victims starting in 1999, some of whom they lured in through dating websites, according to the Sun.

Meanwhile, the oldest museum in the state, the New Mexico Museum of Art, is home to over 20,000 traditional, contemporary and regional pieces alongside art created over the last hundred years by members of the Santa Fe colonies.

Adventure seekers and travelers eager to explore the picturesque landscape and scenery of eastern Utah should start their journey at the city of Moab.

Experience the best vistas and colors at the Canyonlands National Park or see the beauty of the Colorado River landscape at the Dead Horse Point State Park.