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The free men ( composing the main part of the population.Legally, they could be sold and bought by their masters and were thus considered as slaves.Few decades later, on April 27 1565, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi arrived in Cebu starting the process of colonization of the islands.After having sealed a peace pact with several local chiefs, Legaspi built a fort and forbade the locals to come inside after the night fell.In this context, the prostitution is perceived as an imported product from a foreign land, one of the results of the Spanish colonization, and so without indigenous roots.

Thus, on the one hundred young women arrested by the of Manila and for whom the information exist, an average profile was established by Ken De Bevoise (De Bevoise 2002).According to Filipino historians, the women enjoyed an equal treatment with the men, were allowed to inherit, manage farms, choose their husbands, divorce, be free sexually and occupy the prestigious functions of Babaylan (spiritual leader and healer) (Ofreneo 1998: 100).