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But what the boxes really held was irrefutable proof of the crimes Jeffs had committed – including audio recordings of him having sex with young girls.

“That’s the first time the world gets a snapshot,” Jessop said. “You saw the Jeffs administration, particularly Warren, use that secrecy and that idea to market that this is about religious persecution,” Jessop said.

to involve themselves in Rulon’s family other than him.” Of Escalades and empires Jeffs’ arrest marked the beginning of the end for many once-faithful followers like Jessop.

Prior to his capture, Jeffs’ ability to evade authorities had stood as a sign to his disciples that God was protecting him. immortal person that was above being captured.” The Cadillac Escalade Jeffs was traveling in at the time of his arrest was a red vehicle.

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Photos taken of Jeffs while he was a fugitive from justice show him dressed in shorts, sunglasses and a “One Size Fits All” T-shirt – a shirt Jessop said was purchased from a Las Vegas pornography shop.with a wife that was once his mother,” Willie Jessop, Jeffs’ former bodyguard, said.