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radiocarbon dating has the following limitations

I suggest that one possible consequence of Helle falling off the Ram might be symbolic over-representation of the masculine element in the Arian psyche.

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On reaching his journey's end Phrixus sacrificed the ram and hung its fleece in the Grove of Ares where it was turned to gold and became the object of the Argonauts' (Argo Navis) quest.

The shofar blown at mount Sinai, when the Torah was given, came from the ram which had been sacrificed in place of Isaac [3]. In Leviticus xxv, the Jubilee Year was laid down as a year of celebration proclaimed every fifty years by blowing trumpets throughout Israel.

The word jubilee is related to meant 'leading animal, ram,' and by extension 'ram's horn,' and since a ram's horn was a trumpet blown to announce the start of a special year in which slaves were freed, land left untilled, etc, the term ; "the shared sense of 'celebration' means that jubilee and jubilation have been confused for sixteen hundred years, ever since the Bible was first translated into Latin" [5]. The jubilee is the fiftieth year after the cycle begins, but the cycle only has seven sets of seven years, or 49 years.

Atone comes from the words , was the place of combat (literally 'place strewn with sand').

The arena was the area in the center of an ancient Roman amphitheater where contests and other spectacles were held. The Greeks associated Aries with the Ram who carried Phrixus and his sister Helle on his back to Colchis (the Georgian region of the Caucasus) to escape the evil designs of their stepmother, Ino, who was about to kill them.

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