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dreamweaver template update not updating pages

This avoids blocking the main thread while waiting for an API call to return, however we have lost some of the guarantees that the simple version provided -- multiple API calls might occur in parallel, and the results might get returned in the wrong order.

This could also cause multiple threads to enter the Consume Result() function simultaneously, which could be dangerous, if the function is not thread-safe.

Finally, this simple code does not keep track of the Tasks that get created, so exceptions will silently disappear.

Thus, the final ingredient for us to add is a "consumer" thread that will track the analysis tasks, raise exceptions, kill long-running tasks, and ensure the results get consumed in the correct order, one at a time.

This demonstrates the possibility of a "hybrid" approach, where some simple processing can be performed on the client, and then Cognitive Services APIs can be used to augment this with more advanced analysis when necessary.

In our final "producer-consumer" system, we have a producer thread that looks very similar to our previous infinite loop.